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La Ferme de La Yole, c’est un lieu atypique avec ses animaux et ses fruits et légumes ! Mais aussi un petit restaurant où il fait bon déguster les saveurs du Sud !

There is always something you can share at Domaine La Yole

The Farm restaurant

In the peaceful setting of the farm restaurant, you will be able to try creative and varied salads that will surely delight your taste buds, or grilled-over-wood meat and fish, or even tapas, while being seated in the shade of a fig tree…Those dishes are best enjoyed served with a glass of La Yole Languedoc wine. Tasteful local products make the best recipes, so book your table quickly!

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The Farm and its animals

Discover Domaine La Yole’s animal farm, vegetable garden and orchard with your family or friends, for everyone’s greatest pleasure.

Horses :

Horses are often described as being man’s best friend. They are used both for labour and for walks, but also for racing. Horses can do anything

Hens and Roosters :

Hens, which are widespread in the French countryside are married to roosters! Hens lay eggs that we use for omelettes, while roosters wake us up every morning at dawn! The Gallic Rooster also represents France in international sport competitions.

Pigs :

Pigs, which are known for their beautiful pink colour and their corkscrew tail, are very funny to watch: they love having mud baths, thus making their beautiful pink costume dirty!

Rabbits :

Did you know that eating carrots was very good for your eyes? It indeed is!  Have you ever seen rabbits wearing glasses? Of course not!!

Geese :

With their defiant and proud stance, geese are often considered as excellent guards! So beware the geese!!!

Fishes :

Pay attention : I am hidden underwater but if you look carefully you might be able to spot my shadow on the surface.

Goats :

My coat is often white. I communicate with long “Beeeehhhhhhs”! And small round cheeses are made with my milk! Have you recognised me?

Fruits & Vegetables

At La Yole you will be able to find all the fruits and vegetables that make Mediterranean cuisine so colourful and tasty. The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet have been well documented and no longer need to be demonstrated,… so enjoy your daily meals by mixing all those flavours, tastes and colours together! Rediscover the real taste of freshly harvested products that have grown under the generous Mediterranean sun.


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Access map'

A75 highway

Béziers Exit number 64
Follow "Valras Plage Ouest - Vendres Plage Est"
Avenue de la Méditerranée F34350 Vendres-Plage, France

A9 highway (10 km)

Highway exit 36 : Béziers Ouest
Follow "Valras Plage Ouest - Vendres Plage Est"
Avenue de la Méditerranée F34350 Vendres-Plage, France

Béziers- Cap d'Agde airport

00 33 (0)4 67 809 909

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Béziers train station



Busline number 16 - Valras Plage
00 33 (0)4 67 28 36 41


E 3° 15’ 41,00''
N 43° 14’ 13,92''

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